Sima Products Enters the Blogosphere!

28 09 2009

Sima Products is now in the blogosphere. We’ve had discussions, brainstormed ideas, looked at other blogs, read books about blogs, and asked some veteran bloggers. We enter the blogosphere prepared with tons of potential blog ideas, and we think you’ll find them as interesting as we do.

What’s the deal? We have a lot we want to share and we want to hear what you think too. Expect informative, insightful, and entertaining posts. We’ll tell you when Sima is in the news, post product reviews, answer your questions, share things we think are cool, host guest bloggers, talk about unique application ideas, ask for your feedback and suggestions, and whatever else we can think of. If you want to hear about something specific, just say so.

On the sidebar, we put up some links we think you should check out. We’re open to adding more, as long as they’re relevant. No links to anything inappropriate. Let’s not go crazy, people.

Who will do the talking? We have a good mix of Sima people (Simaians? Simanites?) from all over the company who are contributing: IT, product design, management, marketing, graphic design, sales, customer service. While we have a lot of interest in writing, we’re not interested in overloading you. 

Tell us what you want to hear about. Check out our Facebook and Twitter links (on the sidebar.) Bookmark us.





3 responses

30 09 2009
Robbin Steif

many congrats. looking forward to it.

11 10 2009

this product is just like all the ones that claim they adapt to all cameras and camcorders. the fact is, i bought this product because on the package it declared that it would adapt to “coolpix series” but, of course , not My coolpix camera. this makes me have to go back and exchange this product, when i needed to have my camera charged in a.m. for a very special event, and now, i have to run get a disposable, as quick as i can, so i can catch a few family pix. Definatly Not Happy.

12 10 2009
Sima Products

Anonymous – which product are you referring to? Sima would love to help but need a little more information first.

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