Newstips Bulletin Calls SL-20LX an excellent holiday gift

30 11 2009

Check out the review from Newstips Bulletin:

Special Report Bonus Review 5: Sima SL20LX LED Video Light

Our regulars know how fond we are of LED-based camera & camcorder lights & the surprisingly inexpensive ($30-47 online) Sima SL20LX Ultra Bright LED Video light is killer cool. The face (a smidge more than 2.25” square; it’s about an inch thick) places a 6×6 array of 4500K white LEDs behind a diffuser. The mechanics are intriguing; it has an integrated shoe mount but also comes with a bracket that offers a pass-through tripod screw mount (repositionable along a slot) on one end & a shoe mount on the other) but that isn’t all; the other 3 sides of the light have slots that can accept shoe mounts. Note that even small point & shoot cameras & pocket camcorders that don’t have shoe mounts do tend to accept tripod screws, so this light can even work with them. These mechanics also make it super-easy to mount arrayed clusters of these lights or to place a shoe-mounted mike where its shadow won’t get into the shot. Power comes from a LiIon battery; the included charger wants about 3.5 hours to recharge from scratch (its Led shifts from red to green when it’s finished) & a fresh charge seems to be good for 45 minutes (maybe up to an hour) of shooting. Sima suggests it for lighting subjects 15-25’ away; we find it can be useful at twice that distance (depending on the quality of the camera, no doubt); in any case, its rated light output is 600 lumens. Is this a holiday gift wrap candidate? Absolutely; constant light gives much more predictable & satisfactory results than a still-camera flash or a camcorder’s dependency on ambient light & most suitable LED video lights cost 10 or more times as much. Bottom line: the Sima SL20LX Ultra Bright LED Video light is an accessory that just about every camera or camcorder owner will find to be a useful, flexible & affordable boon to making good shots come out even better.




5 responses

11 12 2009

I got Sima SL20LX for about a year ago for Christmas, and I can tell you the only time I used it was just to test the light, lately when I turned it on it didn’t work, I was able to recharge it but it took about 10 hours to charge, after using for less than 10 minutes there was no power, I again put it for recharging and it’s been about 12 hours still the back light is green, the last time when I turned the light on, the back light was green and it didn’t turn on until back light turned red. can somebody please assist me in this.
Sincerely, Norik.

11 12 2009

Hi Norik – it sounds like you received a defective light! If you call our customer service rep, Dustin, we can replace the power supply. He can be reached at 800-345-7462, extension 1231. We’d appreciate the opportunity to fix this for you!

12 12 2009
oliver kilayko

Oh no! I just bought two of these this afternoon. I’m charging them right now so I can use it for a party tonight. How did this one end up??

14 12 2009

Oliver – Norik’s problem is not typical of our lights. He’s working with customer service to get the issue resolved now. Hopefully your party went well!

19 12 2009
super dave

Hi Norik
“lately when I turned it on it didn’t work.”

I am sorry to hear this has happened to you.
Maybe if they saved the receipt you could return to the store and get a refund. Perhaps you can find something from a reputable japanese brand name.
I always try to buy from a well-known brand name.

– cheers
Super Dave

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