Sima Provides Testimonial for First Commonwealth Bank

15 01 2010

From left to right: Storm Orion (Director of Product Development), Ilana Diamond (CEO), Rob Feeney (CFO) & Justin Kuntz (Regional Sales Manager)

Sima recently provided the following testimonial for First Commonwealth Bank. It’ll appear, along with this picture of some of Sima’s staff,  on their website shortly.

Founded in 1973, Sima Products Corporation is celebrating 32 years as a leading innovator of consumer electronic accessories. Sima manufactures accessories in the categories of Photography, Video, Home Theater, Power, and Home Safety. Today, nearly one hundred Sima products are sold in more than 20 countries worldwide. 

Sima Products is dedicated to developing innovative solutions that enhance everyday life, creating partnerships in the Pittsburgh area, and working with brands such as First Alert® to bring a variety of products to the marketplace.

When we had the opportunity for a $1 million plus order, we needed extra support and a fast decision to allow us to meet our customer’s requirements. First Commonwealth jumped right in and got us the support we needed – fast.  The ability to initiate international wires and stand-by letters of credit is extremely vital to our consumer electronic accessory company.  First Commonwealth has enabled us to conduct business with suppliers and customers on a global basis.  

Our relationship managers and staff at First Commonwealth are always either a phone call or email away.  They are quick to respond to our needs and often “over-deliver” by offering additional comments and suggestions.  Our large retail customer’s orders are seasonal and revenue from other customers can also vary quite a bit due to timing of contracts.  First Commonwealth has taken the time to understand this aspect of out business and work with us through the normal peaks and valleys.




3 responses

13 02 2010
first commonwealth bank

Customer service is important for banks … It can be done by quick to respond to our needs and often “over-deliver” by offering additional comments and suggestions.

5 05 2011

Good luck to the organisation – Sima Products.

3 10 2012

The appearance of the articles your company writes for publlic release is very important in the business world. This one definitely needs some improvement in various ways in my opinion. Some people in the business world might look at your blog post and make a negative judgement about your company’s professional expertise by the grammar, lack of conciseness and paragraph structure you used. Content also suggests that you are having a hard time paying the bills. Ups and downs at any company we all to be common, so always try to avoid stating something that the read would see as a negative. I’m not great at writing either which is why I hired someone who is much better at it. Just a little advice to help your company promote a more professional image.

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