About Sima Products

Sima Products Corporation
Over 30 Years of Advanced Technology.

Founded in 1973, Sima Products Corporation is celebrating over 35 years as a leading innovator of consumer electronic accessories. Sima manufactures accessories in the categories of Photography, Video, Home Theater, Power, and Home Safety. Today, nearly one hundred Sima products are sold in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Sima’s history began with the patenting and marketing of FilmShield ® — a lead-lined bag protecting photographic film from airport security X-ray devices. A full line of innovative photographic accessories soon followed. In 1999, Sima introduced FilmShield ® XPF, a new generation of travel gear made to protect film from the new high-power airport security devices.

Sima’s Photographic Accessory line was followed by a full line of Camcorder and Video accessories which have reshaped retailer’s view of this category. Every year, Sima continues to introduce innovative products in each of its product lines, winning multiple awards for product and technological innovation.

In March of 2002, Sima acquired Wireless Marketing of Schaumburg, Illinois adding the First Alert ® Brand and Cherokee CB Radio product lines to the mix. The acquisition of these well-known brand names helped to expand Sima’s reach to new markets and new customers, while providing existing customers with a broader selection of products and product categories. As technology continues to advance, Sima will continue to create new and exciting products that enhance and enrich consumer’s daily lives.

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