Bring Google Fiber to Pittsburgh!

19 03 2010

Google is looking for a city to test its new, ultrafast internet connection Google Fiber. Pittsburgh is vying to be the selected city, and as a Pittsburgh company, we want to encourage our fellow Pittsburghers to click the link below and vote for Google Fiber in Pittsburgh! (How many times can I say Pittsburgh?!? Keep reading. Just a few times more.)

Pittsburgh is full of knowledge thirsty students, pioneering, technology focused companies, and endless possibilities for the future. Google Fiber will help to entice students to stay, increase the viability of Pittsburgh, encourage companies to connect and innovate, and whatever else Pittsburgh can dream up. A 1 gigabit/second (100x faster than what Pittsburgh has now!) internet connection will not go to waste in Pittsburgh.

Go tell Google we want Google Fiber!


Metis featured in Pittsburgh Tribune Review

22 01 2010

Sima’s spinoff and office buddies, Metis Secure Solutions, are featured in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review. Read about their unique emergency alert systems here: